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LOC [Love of Color] + Tati Ultimate Collection Review & Swatches


Tati Westbrook is without a doubt my favorite beauty guru on YouTube because she has a ton of expertise in the beauty industry and always speaks her honest opinion on products. I had the pleasure of meeting her  at a Gap + Birchbox meetup and my respect for her grew immensely — she is truly a beautiful person both inside and out. So when I found out she had curated a line with Birchbox’s new brand LOC I had very high expectations because I Screenshot_2015-07-04-23-50-14know Tati would never sacrifice her integrity by promoting or creating something she doesn’t believe in. So without further ado ~ let’s get into the review!


My first thought upon opening the box was how tiny the products are! However, after some thought I realized this isn’t really a drawback. In hindsight, cream products dry out rather quickly and there is no way you are going to get through a 0.7 oz. cream eyeshadow before it dries out… that is, unless you are using it 2x a day every day. So the amount of product you get in the LOC cream eyeshadow sticks is actually a lot better deal than paying $25 for a product you are only going to use half of. The Ultimate Collection comes with all 5 shadow sticks in the range Tati created with LOC. They retail for $10 individually and are 0.05 oz. each. One drawback that I would like to mention in the packaging of the shadow sticks is that they have to be sharpened. This may not be a big deal to some people but to me it can be a slight inconvenience when getting ready, and I feel like I’m wasting product when I sharpen them. However, with nearly every drawback comes an advantage; the upside to sharpening the pencils is that you get fresh product every time you sharpen so it won’t be dried out.


Unlike the shadow sticks, the matte lipsticks come in a retractable slender bullet tube. The packaging of the lipsticks make it quite easy to get a precise application without having to use a separate lip liner. This design especially comes in handy when applying the darker lip colors that come in the set. Similarly to the shadow sticks, the matte lipsticks don’t have a substantial amount of product in them (0.02 oz.), but the price makes it justifiable. All 3 matte lipsticks come in the collection and retail for only $8 each. Overall, I think you get a lot of bang for your buck by purchasing the Ultimate Collection for $46.00 (buy here) rather than getting the products individually. By getting this collection you are essentially buying all 5 shadow sticks and getting the 3 matte lipsticks as a bonus! So if you want to try out the new LOC line then this is definitely the way to go in my opinion.


Application & Longevity

My first impression of the shadow sticks was how incredibly pigmented and creamy they were when I swatched them… It was love at first swipe ♥  Day Trip (my absolute favorite), Impress Me and On Point have a foiled metallic finish and are beautiful swept across the lid to brighten up the eyes. The darker two of the collection, Nite Owl and Smoke Screen, aren’t quite as high-shine but they are very opaque and rich in color making for the perfect smoky eye. When I initially applied them to my eyes they were very blendable for the first 30 seconds or so, but after that, they aren’t going ANYWHERE! I always use eye primer before applying my eyeshadow and it really does help with creasing, but I honestly don’t think the eye primer was the reason these lasted a whole 15 hours on me.  I applied my makeup early in the morning and late that night before washing my face I was amazed to discover that my eyeshadow was still intact and just as beautiful as when I applied it that morning! I also applied these to my hand with no primer and no matter how many times I washed my hands they wouldn’t budge… the only way to get these off is by using a heavy duty eye makeup remover.

left to right: Day Trip (warm metallic copper), On Point (silvery taupe champagne), Impress Me, Nite Owl (deep plum), Smoke Screen (shimmering gunmetal)
left to right: Day Trip (warm metallic copper), On Point (silvery taupe champagne), Impress Me (metallic bronze), Nite Owl (deep plum), Smoke Screen (shimmering gunmetal)

I’m usually not a big fan of matte lipsticks because in my past experience they have been quite drying and and exaggerate the texture of my lips.  However, the formula of the LOC lipsticks is actually very velvety and moisturizing ~ I didn’t experience any issues with them drying out my lips! They aren’t completely opaque which I actually prefer because it gives the lipstick more versatility. For example, with one layer of Glam Life it appears to be a brighter berry color, yet when I build it up to two layers it comes across as more of a maroon shade. The lasting power of these lipsticks is about what you would expect for a cream lipstick. It wore well for about 3 hours but after I ate it was completely gone. So like just about every other lipstick you will need to reapply it throughout the day.

First Kiss (pinky beige nude), Wildest Dreams (fiery nude), Glam Life (berry plum)

Overall, I am very impressed with this new makeup line Birchbox launched in collaboration with Tati Westbrook… I mean, with a team like that, how could it possibly go wrong?! From the pigmentation, to the longevity, to the blendability ~ everything about both the shadow sticks and the lipsticks is superb… and you definitely can’t argue with the price! 😉


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