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Tartelette vs. Tartelette In Bloom: Comparison & Swatches

Tartelette vs Tartelette In Bloom Review & ComparisonIf you read my previous post, then you know how much I am in love with the original Tartelette palette  — it has every matte color I need on a daily basis. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard they were coming out with the Tartelette In Bloom Palette!

Given how impressed I was with the original palette, I had very high expectations for Tarte’s new launch. My initial thoughts when comparing the two palettes is that they both have gorgeous packaging that is just as beautiful as the product inside. They are very sleek, sturdy and lightweight making them great palettes for travel. The layout of both eyeshadow palettes is very user-friendly. Each horizontal row of eyeshadows gradates from light to dark and coordinate together beautifully.

Tartelette In Bloom vs Tartelette Review & Comparison (3)
Tartelette (12 x 0.053 oz.)

Both palettes have a good variety of both warm and cool-to-neutral tones while still remaining diverse from each other. One thing I love about the original Tartelette palette is that it has all matte shadows. Because of the matte finish, I think this palette would also be great for mature women.

The first row of the original Tartelette palette includes warm/neutral brown tones: Free Spirit (cream), Force Of Nature (nude), Dreamer (warm brown), Multi-Tasker (chocolate). The second row contains slightly cool-toned purples and plums: Caregiver (pale pink), Natural Beauty (mauve), Best Friend (mulberry), Bombshell (dark plum). The third and final row has a quad of cool/neutral toned shadows: Super Mom (ivory), Wanderer (light brown), Power Player (taupe), Fashionista (black).

Tartelette vs Tartelette In the Bloom Comparison and Review (2)
Tartelette In Bloom (12 x 0.053 oz.)

The new Tartelette In Bloom palette is mostly matte but unlike its sister-palette which was exclusively matte, it has 3 beautiful shimmery colors as well. It includes 12 brand new eyeshadows that are exclusive to the palette which are slightly warmer toned compared to the original. I don’t know what they did differently with this palette, but the second I opened it, it smelled reminiscent of my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. It definitely smells like they incorporated cocoa powder into the eyeshadow formulation and I love it!

In the first row of the Tartelette In Bloom palette, there are some really pretty neutral and taupe colors:  Charmer (off white), Jetsetter (warm taupe), Rocker (shimmering taupe), Smokeshow (black brown). The next row has your basic browns and creams in addition to a metallic bronze that is probably my favorite color in the entire palette: Flower Child (peachy nude), Smarty Pants (tan), Firecracker (bronze copper), Activist (dark brown). The last row has your warm toned shades: Funny Girl (champagne), Sweetheart (peach), Rebel (chestnut brown), Leader (aubergine).


Tartelette Comparsion Swatches
Top: Tartelette In Bloom / Bottom: Tartelette


The Tartelette palette has an excellent selection of matte colors that are very versatile. There are a lot of great creams and transitional colors that are must-haves for any look, whether it be natural or dramatic. I love how they also included a variety of deep, dark colors to create a smoldering, smokey eye or to use as eyeliner. When swatching the shades, I noticed that some of the lighter colors applied chalkier than the others. However, ultimately that wasn’t too noticeable and the majority of the shadows in this palette are very pigmented, smooth to apply and long-lasting.

The Tartelette In Bloom palette went above and beyond my expectations! I didn’t think the formula could get much better than the original Tartelette palette (especially for matte shadows) but the every single color in this palette was fantastic. They are all unbelievably pigmented and creamy, and long-wearing thanks to the Amazonian Clay formulation Tarte puts in their products. I am so glad they decided to add a few shimmers to this palette because those colors are what make the palette for me. I was pleased to find that the metallics didn’t have any fallout, as I feel that is always a factor to consider with shimmery shadows.

Which one is better ultimately just comes down to a matter of personal preference. If you just need some great basic matte colors in your makeup collection, or if you are more mature and find matte shades more flattering, then the original Tartelette is probably the one to get. If you are like me and love your matte shades but also like a little sparkle here and there, then opt for the Tartelette In Bloom.

Either way, you really can’t go wrong because both are all around excellent palettes!

Which palette do you prefer?

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